The Beamdunes Have Landed

…and as if by magic, The Beamdunes appeared.

Not magic like Paul Daniels’ magic, just that slow, human magic that happens when a simple event causes bunch of people to come together and embark on on a journey and discover that together they do something that makes other people happy.

In late July 2017 Bampton Folk Club was formed and the eight members of The Beamdunes were among the first players. In the following eight months there was a dawning realisation that actually we were creating a sound good enough to take out in public. Our first gig, as Bampton Folk Club, was met with very favourable comments and more gigs followed.

As all of The Beamdunes are committed to the success of Bampton Folk Club as a welcoming session for all players in and around Bampton we became conscious that we could be seen only as a band and that players might feel uncomfortable joining in on a Sunday night. The solution, The Beamdunes.

The Beamdunes are officially the first spin-out band from Bampton Folk Club, allowing us to simply play and listen to others in and visiting the club and also to work separately on our material and arrangements as a gigging band and allowing the club to stand as a club, supported by the members of The Beamdunes but as welcoming as a folk club should be.